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The Korean School of Marin County offers Saturday classes on Korean language, history, and culture to students age 5-12.  It is a member of Korean School Associations of Northern California (KSANC), a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) public educational organization established in 1991 in Northern California, USA.  KSANC is comprised of about 50 Korean schools, 5,000 K-12 students and 500 teachers around San Francisco, South Bay, East Bat, Monterey, Stockton, Sacramento and Sonoma County. KSANC is one of 14 chapters of the National Association for Korean Schools (NAKS).

The Korean schools under KSANC offer courses and culture related activities for students ranging from kindergarten to high school and adults as well. The school is a non-profit organization supported by the voluntary services of 15 administrative officers and more than 20 teachers, most of whom are parents of enrolled students.

The KSANC strongly believes that the school can contribute significantly to the cultural diversity in the Northern California area by implementing its mission through the effort of all volunteers and community sponsors:

  • Providing an integrated education of Korean language, history and culture among Korean community and non-Korean community in Northern California;
  • Recognition, comparison, and appreciation of Korean culture and American culture;
  • Cultivation and shaping to become a valuable Korean American people;
  • Interaction and communication among Korean schools and teachers.
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