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AVID at San Rafael High School is a recognized academic support process. The program has adapted and been supported by feedback from the Dominican students. Dominican students may spend time in one of the tutorials being focused on a lesson and facilitating an activity with their small groups. The goal is to teach students how to work in study groups before they get to college and gain these learning skills/tools.
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A friendly reminder, if you are short on service learning hours because of illness, not signing up for enough hours, etc. you need to either get added to the schedule in an open slot or there is an opportunity for you to be a guest speaker for any or our AVID classes. Topics for 9th graders would be "How did you get to college?" and/or "What did you need to do in high school or outside of high school to make your application complete and prepare for college?". Topics for 10th graders would be "How did you research college choices and majors?", "How are you paying for college?", and/or "If you are a first generation student, how did you communicate with your family about college?". For 11th graders, a good topic would be "What was the application process like and how did you get it all done?". For 12th graders, they are in need of a good talk about how to get through the first year of college, such as avoiding homesickness, making good choices not to "party" the wrong way or not to party too much, how to pay for textbooks, find resources on campus, whether to live in the dorms or not, etc. Some of them are really worried about leaving home.

Chaunte just did an amazing talk to both AVID 11 and AVID Seniors on research papers.

My computer was replaced and I did not have access to my tutorial schedule for weeks as it was lost in the transfer. I have it now, so let me know what works for you. If you want to be a guest speaker, we have more flexibility in our schedule for that as we do not need to wait for a B-day to have you participate.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!