Canal Alliance Adult ESL



Canal Alliance is looking for students to serve as teachers and aides in our ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. We have been running English classes since the 1980’s, and currently offer instruction to about 650 students per term in a variety of levels. The classes consist of mostly Latino immigrants, with a few students of other ethnicity. The students, all adults, are a pleasure to work with -- motivated, good-humored, and grateful for your help. The response you get from them is enthusiastic and immediate; new students are often amazed by the energy and good will that come out of each class. The experience is not only fun, but deeply gratifying as you see students make strides in their English proficiency. Help instructor in all facets of program. Become a key part of the class. Rewarding experience! 
254 People | 2,565 Impacts | 5,009 Hours | 136,241 Total Economic Impact

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