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Dominican University of California

Salena Herrera

Today, I was able to sit with the mothers to discuss family traditions. Traditions that are not limited to holiday ones, but small ones such as singing a song before every dinner meal or having a secret handshake with a family member. When the coordinator asked the mothers what traditions they have within their own families one mother mentioned how she attempted to try a new restaurant once a month as a family outing, but it started to become too expensive and had to stop. With the coordinator hearing this dilemma, she explained how traditions do not have to only be limited to money and stressed the importance of making new traditions for the children because it can create great memories for them as they grow older. Upon hearing this, the mothers began to realize their own traditions growing up as a child. One mother, Jasmine, said she still remembers the song that her mom would sing to her as a child before bedtime. Despite being an adult now, Jasmine still sings the song to her mom to rekindle the old memories of her childhood. Once the topic of family traditions ended, the next topic was discussing items the moms need.
The coordinator explained how she wanted to make a list of items to look out for, because often times people come to her with donations. Many of the items the mothers requested for varied from having a matching comforter set, kitchen items, and clothes. However, one popular item was the need for diapers. Moms expressed how they are always in desperate need of diapers and that they are expensive. In hearing this, it made me think that diapers are a luxury and is not accessible to everyone. Having diapers is a necessity for babies and it should not be something families living in poverty have to struggle with affording. According to experts, “Leaving dirty diapers on babies can lead to a number of health problems and it can also cause stress and embarrassment for parents” (Covert). This shows that diapers are important for a baby’s health and by not having a sufficient amount can impact a parent’s mental state. However, some people think the solution is to have more diaper banks, but I believe before placing diaper banks at every corner the first solution should be to get families out of poverty.

Gave 3.00 hours on 12/06/2019 with CASC 3400:Theory/Prac. Commun.Action/Soc.Change, Dominican University of California, SL: Othering and Belonging (3124) - Section 1